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Elisheva Gewirtz, PsyD

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Director of Group Programming
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Elisheva Gewirtz is a postdoctoral fellow at The CBT/DBT Center. Elisheva completed her doctoral training at Hofstra University. Elisheva is trained in both CBT and DBT, as well as in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure for trauma. Her previous work at Mount Sinai South Nassau involved individual and group therapy with both adolescents and adults. She also worked in a variety of elementary and middle schools providing therapy for students as well as collaborating with teachers, parents, and administrators to help students flourish.

Dr. Gewirtz has a strong interest in positive psychology, an area of psychology focused on what makes life worth living. Elisheva worked in the Positive Psychology Institute for Emerging Adults, providing individual therapy for young adults with an emphasis on helping young adults go beyond reducing their distress to build lives of joy, meaning, and fulfillment. She also worked as an adjunct professor at Hofstra University teaching positive psychology to college students and has given positive psychology workshops in a variety of school and community settings. Her dissertation research explored developing character strengths to improve well-being.

Elisheva is passionate about helping people go beyond their suffering to build lives of purpose and joy. Her dedication to her clients drives her to work hard to provide effective evidence-based treatment. She infuses her passion for positive psychology into her practice to help her clients discover their strengths and learn to thrive.

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