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We offer individual, family, and group therapy to frum men, women, teens, and kids.

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

CBT addresses patterns of thinking or behaving that are impacting or causing distress. In focusing on your current struggles, it helps you start feeling better, faster.

CBT has many adaptations, so it can be tailored to fit your needs.

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DBT- Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is a form of CBT that focuses on learning to balance both acceptance and change. It’s a comprehensive approach that helps you build a life worth living.

People whose primary struggle is emotion dysregulation benefit most from DBT.

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Trauma Treatment

Evidence-based trauma treatments include CPT and PE.

CPT is a cognitive therapy focused on where you got “stuck” in the natural recovery process and working to get you “unstuck” for good.

PE is a behavioral treatment that helps you learn to unglue symptoms from traumatic memories or reminders.

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Mindfulness and Acceptance-based Therapy

Mindfulness and acceptance-based treatments develop your ability to stay present with reality as it is. It’s the ultimate dose of peace of mind.

These treatments are well supported for depression and anxiety-based disorders.

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You can achieve your goals and live life fully.

We’ll help you find the right treatment plan for you.

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