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Adolescent Services

When to call us, what we treat, and how we help

When to call us

When multiple problems or difficult emotions are taking over a significant part of your teen's life we can help.

It’s time to give us a call if your teen is dealing with:


  • Panic attacks or anxiety

  • Depression

  • Risk-taking

  • Suicidality

  • Self-harm

  • Trauma


Your teen can get on track for building their best life!

What we treat

Whether you suspect a mental health condition or your teen has already received a diagnosis, we’re here to help.

They don’t have to have this diagnosis forever.

We work with teens who are struggling with:


Disruptive behavior

- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

- Oppositional defiant disorder

- Behavior problems at school

- Behavior problems at home

Bad mood


- Post-traumatic stress disorder

- Childhood sexual abuse

- Divorce

- Loss of a loved one/grief

Sick person

Mood problems

- Depression

- Suicidal thoughts

- Nonsuicidal self-injury (e.g., cutting, burning)

- Emotion dysregulation


Medical conditions

- Coping with chronic illness

- Adjusting to major life changes

Obsessive compulsive and related disorders


- Obsessive compulsive disorder

- Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

- Dermatillomania (skin picking)

- Other body focused repetitive behaviors (e.g., nail biting)



- Generalized anxiety

- Social phobia

- Selective mutism

- Separation anxiety

- Specific phobias

- School avoidance/refusal


Feeding difficulties

- Picky eating

- Self-feeding deficits

- Unstructured mealtimes/frequent snacking

- Challenging behavior related to meals


In this 90-minute intake, we’ll have time to learn about your teen’s history and current struggles. We’ll look at any records you already have and do our own assessment. If the teen is comfortable, we would ask the parents to join for part of the session. 

We ask parents to give full confidentiality, as long as there are no safety concerns. 

And yes, it can work.

We don't want your child in therapy forever.

We want them to have the work under their belt so they can turn back to their new learning with each new challenge. Our thorough process ensures that teens are set up for the best possible long-term success.

How we help

You can completely alter their future.
Let's make that happen.

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