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Talia Naiman

Mrs. Talia Naiman, M.A.

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Psychology Extern Clinician

Talia Naiman is an extern clinician at The CBT/DBT Center, as well as a fourth year doctoral student pursuing a PhD at Adelphi University. She has worked with a diverse client base, including teens, adults, and families from a variety of backgrounds and presentations. Her past treatment settings include SCO Residential Treatment Facility, Nassau University Medical Center, and Adelphi University’s Center for Psychological Services.


Talia takes an integrative approach to psychology, with skillsets in a variety of modalities and emphasis on evidence-based treatment models. She believes that human experience is complex and layered, with influences ranging from our biology to learned experiences and the larger systems we find ourselves in. Her research utilizes a multimodal approach, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, to explore complex psychological experiences, such as “imposter syndrome,” at both brain and behavioral levels.


Talia is passionate about helping clients give voice to their experience and learn new language with which to understand and take ownership over it. She is humbled by the opportunity to take this journey alongside her clients, helping them to share and to shape their narratives.

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