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Getting Your License Approved in Israel

So, you’re planning on moving to Israel - mazel tov! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your psychology license recognized and functional in the Holy Land.

This is the process for someone that already has their license in America. It is possible to do your post-doc in Israel but it does take about 3 years longer to complete and you must take a licensure exam that is known to be very difficult.

After you’ve obtained your license in the U.S., there are two steps in this process: registering for Pinkas Hapsychologim (Psychology Registry) and for your Mumchiyot.

Pinkas Hapsychologim

  1. You must submit the following: Teudat zehut or your Social Security number in Israel, a copy of your transcripts and diplomas, two passport photos, and a confirmation from your university that your doctorate was written in the framework of a School of Psychology.

  2. You also must fill out a questionnaire with your demographic information. The questionnaire is included with the link below.

  3. Everything must be sent through registered mail to the Medical Professions, Licensing Department, Misrad HaBriyut, 39 Yermiyahu St, PO Box 1176, Jerusalem 9446724.

  4. Everything must be notarized in Israel.

  5. This process should take about 3 months to complete.


  1. This verifies that you have finished all of your education and can practice in Israel.

  2. Bring letters of recommendation and letters from your supervisors that confirm what you wrote on the questionnaire. They should include their title and license number on their letters as well.

  3. Bring your syllabi and course descriptions from your college (it could be from the past or the present as long as it is from your college).

  4. Bring your training certificates and proof of the tests you administered.

  5. These documents must be notarized in Israel as well and sent to the Council of Psychology, Misrad HaBriyut, 5 HaRabi MeBachrach St, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 66849.

  6. This process should take about 6 months to complete.

Good luck and welcome to Israel!


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